Confessions of an Aerial Addict: Bruises, Burns and Blisters

First aerial class, and I remember being told:

“You’re gonna feel it tomorrow, and you’ll probably have a fair few bruises.”

The next day I couldn’t lift my arms above my waist, my shoulders burned and my core popped up to say hi for the first time in forever.


Bruises, however, didn’t crop up for a few lessons. But when they did, they were lookers. They were great big blooms of greens, purples and blacks along the inside of my arms, the backs of my knees and even on my hips. Other girls have avoided certain moves before planning on wearing skirts, shorts or going on holiday.

Just take heed. The bruises come and go, and a lot of the moves will bruise to begin with before your skin toughens up… but it was a factor I had never considered.


Ok, onto the burns. The burns are mainly from silks, or tissu. The most frequent place I found them cropping up was after foot lock. A simple move which is the basis for most manoeuvres as it gives you a solid platform where the weight is taken off your arms.

Again, these aren’t forever, I can now stay in foot lock for long periods of time without my toes feeling like they might pop off. But inverts where you rely on the top of your foot from letting you hit the floor…yeah, that still hurts.


And the blisters… callouses, ripped skin and just generally unpleasant state your hands are left in can be dreadful. I find my limit is two hours of aerial hoop before my hands need a chance to rest. I’ve found using climbers wax can help keep the skin tough but soft.

The combination of chalk, sweat and tape can really rip your hands up.

But despite it all, I look at my bruises, burns and blisters and smile. Because you should never do something if you don’t think its worth it, and without a doubt. For me. Circus is worth it.

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Previously read: A Cruel Prince by Holly Black.

Currently reading: A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab


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