Book Review: A Wicked Trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout

A Wicked Trilogy by Jennifer L Armentrout Review

So my first review is a cheat. I read a trilogy, and have written one review instead of 3, but as I consumed these novels quickly, and all of the books are published, I felt one review would do. Cheating? Already? Me?!…

The Wicked Trilogy

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Books in series:
Wicked (Wicked trilogy #1) December 8th 2014
Torn (Wicked trilogy #2) July 19th 2016
Brave (Wicked trilogy #3) December 11th 2017


Ivy isn’t your regular teenager, she works for The Order, a secret group of humans set on ridding dark creatures from feeding on the people of New Orleans. When a new member joins The Order, Ren, Ivys life changes as she learns that there are old secrets soon to come to life.

Review Summary

An enjoyable easy read, taking you into the heat of New Orleans as Ivy and Ren seek to discover the evil that lies at the centre of the order. Romance, comedy and drama filled.

Review of A Wicked Trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I’m torn by this series, no pun intended. When I first started reading Wicked in early 2015, I really enjoyed the novel, I felt like it was an engaging tale which didn’t throw too many details at you at once. I could keep up easily without having to learn about this newly constructed world. Being set within the world as we know it, but with magical elements, it’s an easy to read YA fantasy (crosses into NA, not that I’m ever sure where the boundaries lie…)

Wicked by Jennifer L Armentrout Review
Wicked the first novel in A Wicked Trilogy by Jennifer L Armentrout

Torn, was interesting, covering more psychological elements, the relationship between Ivy and Ren was more interesting as drama was brought in, however their relationship in Wicked, became rather annoying. This wasn’t so much the way it was written, or even the content of these scenes, but they were sometimes included to demonstrate a break in two events, and I wished we could imply there was a break instead of including it. I hate skipping over pages, but I did skim these scenes sometimes, as they didn’t always add to the story.

Brave by Jennifer L Armentrout
Brave, the second novel in A Wicked Trilogy by Jennifer L Armentrout

As a trilogy, I expected a nice summary, even if it wasn’t a HEA, at least a final point. Instead there seems to be an entire story still to be told, and as someone who picked up the final book wanting answers to questions, I didn’t necessarily get them. There was a lot more to the story that I wish was solved at the end.


Who were Ivy’s real parents? Do they eventually defeat the Queen? How long had the Prince been under the Queens power? Could only Tink see beyond the glamour? What exactly is a Brownie?


Torn A Wicked Trilogy by Jennifer L Armentrout
Torn the third novel in A Wicked Trilogy by Jennifer L Armentrout

As a trilogy, I assumed these questions would be answered by the end, but as I reached the last 10% I realised there must be another novel. The last few scenes, to me, read as though the climax hadn’t been considered properly, and it was a quick and easy win for the novel, which would allow for another novel to be written after.

If I had to rate these books as a trilogy, I would struggle. The first two books would be 4 stars, the last would be a 3.


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Previously read: Brave (A Wicked Trilogy no.3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Currently reading: Molly’s Game by Molly Bloom 



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